Genealogy Marketing Services

My working career has been in web development, design and marketing for radio and publications. My love for genealogy and knowledge of marketing are a perfect combination to assist other genealogists in starting their own websites or making those websites more profitable.

HeritageTracer offers:

New Web Development
The idea of creating your own website can be intimidating. We can build your blog and business website from the ground up in just a few weeks. New web development also comes with coaching. The website is the house and your information needs to live inside. Leave the technical part to us and we will teach you the rest!

Consultations on Existing Sites
Do you currently have an existing genealogy business site or blog? Do you want to grow that blog or develop new avenues of revenue? We can help! We will comb your site and your rankings, looking for areas of improvement. HeritageTracer has years of knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search engine what? Having a genealogy website and blog is great but is it optimized to rank at Google? Are you writing to your audience but your audience can’t find you? Build up your ranking at Google with HeritageTracer! We can show you how to optimize each post to help you achieve better ranking and scores with Google.