Cuban Locality Guide (Digital)

The list below is has been compiled through years of research. I add new links as they become available.

  1. Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami Databases:
  2. Cuban Genealogy Facebook Group:
  3. Cuba Gen Web Project:  
  4. Mariel Boat Lift Database:
  5. Pedro Pan Database:  &
  6. FamilySearch Catalog:
  7. FamilySearch Image Database (Not photographs):
  8. Biblioteca Digital Cubana – Cuban Digital Library:
  9. FIU Cuban & Cuban American Collections:
  10. University of Miami Cuban Historical and Literary Manuscript Collection:
  11. Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza Collection of Cuban Genealogy:
  12. University of Florida – Celebrating Cuba Collection:
  13. Holguin Genealogy:
  14. Digital Library of the Caribbean:
  15. Hathitrust Digital Library:
  16. de Varona Genealogy:
  17. Historias de familias cubanas, Vol 1 – 9 (Download entire book): or
  18. Diario de la Marina (To search, under buscar write what you’re searching for. Under titulo put Diario de la Marina.):
  19. Online book archives: and – search using “quotations” ie. “Juan Ponce de Leon” Cuba. There are a lot of books online for research.
  20. FamilySearch Online Books:
  21. Cuban history books online:
  22. Cuban Newspaper El Pilareño (La Habana):
  23. Yale “Cuba: History & Culture: Digital Collections:
  24. Vanderbilt University “Slave Societies Digital Archive” (Contains ecclesiastical and secular documents from the provinces of Cienfuegos, Havana, Holguín, and Matanzas.):
  25. British Library Endangered Archives Programme – Slave Records from 1719 – 1918
  26. New Mexico University Spanish Colonial Research Center
  27. Princeton University Digital Archive of Latin America:
  28. Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí Collections:
  29. University of South Carolina – Census of Cuba Report, 1899:
  30. Colecciones Digitales de Cuba Photos:
  31. Duke University Digital Collections – Cuba Epherma:
  32. Tulane University Latin American Special Collection:
  33. Brown University Latin American & Caribbean Studies:
  34. University of North Carolina Latin American and Iberian Studies:
  35. St. Thomas University Special Collections:
  36. University of Maryland – Cuban Company Records (not digital):
  37. Trinity University – Ronald Hilton Papers: