Genealogy Bucketlist
DariaMinaeva |

Bucket List: My personal genealogy to-do list!

We all have a to-do list! My personal list keeps growing and I’m excited to start accomplishing those genealogy bucket list items that have been piling up!

Below, I’m detailing those genealogy bucket list items, and when I finish one, I will mark it with a strike through and add a date. Let’s see what I can accomplish this year!

  • Florida Pioneers “Builders & Settlers” (Owen Moore Grimsley)
  • Add a supplemental Revolutionary Patriot (Hezekiah Kingsley Ancestor #: A065054) to my DAR membership
  • Add a supplemental Revolutionary Patriot (Thomas Fullwood Ancestor #: A042497) to my DAR membership
  • Determine the parents of Owen Moore Grimsley and verify wife Tolitha’s last name Martin
  • Find a Mayflower ancestor and verify them!
  • Find the parents of my elusive James Murray born 1690 in Princess Anne, Virginia

What’s on your genealogy bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! 👇🏼